Cembrit – Architects @ Work


Architects at Work at London Olympia

Cembrit at Architects at Work at London Olympia by Holdsworth Designs Ltd (HDL)

Design Brief

Cembrit at Architects at Work at London Olympia by Holdsworth Designs Ltd (HDL)Architects at Work is an international event with a unique layout and approach;  visitors are led along a route that winds its way through small, uniform stand units. Cembrit came to us wanting to show their full range of Claddings, using them to create an eye-catching display.


When Cembrit first asked us to come up with a design concept, Ged Ferris wanted us to display the product in a way that would illustrate its durability and show off its bold colour range.

HDL have been working with Cembrit for the best part of a decade. Architects at Work presented a good opportunity to try something different and come up with a striking arrangement within the confines of the show.

Cembrit used their own facilities to cut and router out their products on the stand; Cembrit Cembonit cladding was cut to create the floor covering. We designed the stand with a sculpture at the front to represent the company logo, using LED lighting to create depth and drama.

The side walls where used to display the full colour range of Cembrit’s cladding products, with cut out shapes to create a Britannia flag.

The Show

Over the past year, the conference ‘Architects @ work’ has been travelling through Europe.

The Architects show is a unique concept whereby it gives every exhibitor the same small 2.5mx2.5m space, with the criteria that the products must be innovative and showcased in interesting ways.

The display was well-received by the client and is being reused as a permanent display in the reception of their teaching academy in Reading.


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