MEDITE SMARTPLY – Architects @ work


Architects @ work at London Olympia

MEDITE SMARTPLY at Architects @ work at London Olympia by Holdsworth Designs Ltd (HDL)

Design Brief

For this event in London, Medite Smartply wanted to work with Accoya and Arnold Laver to showcase Medite Tricoya Extreme (MTE). A complex design was developed, aided by the marketing teams in both Medite & Accoya.


As previously mentioned, the stand design and construction involved three separate companies. Arnold Laver are a main distributer of both Medite Smartply and Accoya. Accoya work with Medite Smartply by supplying them with their waterproof timber product. Medite Smartply then chip this timber down and reform it as MDF, creating an MDF that is waterproof throughout and guaranteeing it as an external product for 50 years above ground and 25 years below ground.

Arnold llver were the registered exhibitor and wanted to use the stand to showcase MTE and Accoya.

We split the stand into three sections. The two side sections were allocated to Medite Smartply and Accoya. These were identical in design and size, both with a small lightbox recessed into the product and an etched acrylic panel displaying information. The only differences between the two were the product on display, the lightbox graphic, and the information displayed on the acrylic. The centre section showcased a large layered logo made from MTE and Accoya which highlighted the 50/25 year guarantee. Behind this logo, we fixed a water tank with an MTE and Accoya panel inside it to show off their waterproof properties. We up-lit the water tank and had bubble machines to create movement within the space. We also had additional etched acrylic panels that displayed awards and logos specific to the products.

We lit the stand by edge lighting all the acrylic, making the logos and text light up. The stand also had lightboxes either side and from the fascia.


Over the past year the conference ‘Architects @ work’ has been travelling through Europe. The Architects show is a unique concept whereby it gives every exhibitor the same 2.5mx2.5m space with the criteria that the products must be innovative and showcase the company in interesting ways. The show was very popular and the stand was received well by both the public and organisers.



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