Bau at Munich

MEDITE SMARTPLY at Bau at Munich by Holdsworth Designs Ltd (HDL)

Design Brief

To Develop a design, based on our existing design style developed for Jewsons event. Showing all Medite’s extensive product range


HDL had first been asked to build a stand in 2015. We used an existing style.

Bau was the third outing for the new style.


MEDITE SMARTPLY at Bau at Munich by Holdsworth Designs Ltd (HDL)The stand space was 5×5 open on one side only. For this event, we used the scale model developed passive house. We used a Smartply Fr floor with Led strip lighting

Taking on board the praise from the Jewson’s stand from late 2016 we carried the design forward and expanded it to fit a 5×5 space. We also looked ahead to the next exhibition and allowed the elements of this stand to be adapted for it.

We used existing product panels with CNC logos and also cut additional ones. The two front sections of the walls displayed all of the products in the layered design and we also fixed lightboxes here to create light at the front.

We manufactured a counter out of Medite Tricoya Extreme and displayed a small water tank on this with a piece of Medite Tricoya Extreme inside to showcase it’s fully waterproof properties.

The remaining 4 walls of the stand space showed large and vibrant graphics. 2 to show Smartply, one for Medite and one for Medite Tricoya Extreme.

MEDITE SMARTPLY at Bau at Munich by Holdsworth Designs Ltd (HDL)We also took the wall section we had made for Passivhaus to showcase the Smartply Propassiv. Having 2 product displays on the stand definitely increased the amount of interest in the product ranges. In total there were 7 products on display.

We used the edge lit windows at the rear of the stand and blocked out the back to create some light and being more people onto the stand

Built a panel support frame for the product panels graphics, including a storage area to the rear along with illuminated images and an AV monitor.

A large ‘Medite tree’ was used to the rear of the stand as a store and identifier for the stand!

The show

BAU, the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems. In 2017 it set some new records:

• 80,000 of the more than 250,000 visitors were from abroad
• 2,120 exhibitors from 45 countries gave the fair top marks

The feedback of the stand was positive with only minor changes that would be implemented into the next stand.

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