Bouwbeurs at Utrecht

MEDITE SMARTPLY at Bouwbeurs at Utrecht by Holdsworth Designs Ltd (HDL)

Design Brief

To develop a design based on our existing Medite Smartply design style (used previously at Jewson’s event and BAU), showing all Medite’s extensive product range.


HDL had first been asked to build a stand in 2015 when we used an existing style. Bouwbeurs was the fourth outing for the new style.


MEDITE SMARTPLY at Bouwbeurs at Utrecht by Holdsworth Designs Ltd (HDL)MEDITE SMARTPLY’s space at Bouwbeurs was a 10×3 metre space which was open on all sides. It was an interesting space since it was very long but fairly thin. Using the design created for Jewson’s and used at BAU, we continued to develop and adapt it for this stand space.

A 3.0m high central arch sat over the centre of the stand, allowing MEDITE SMARTPLY to be easily seen. We fixed the water tank onto the external side of this archway and had a new one manufactured for the other side. Having movement on the stand enticed more people onto it.

Using existing, and some new, product panels with CNC logos, we recreated the corner section used at Jewson’s and replicated it at the opposite end of the stand. The products were showcased on the outside of the corners with existing graphics on the inside from BAU. We also reused the Medite Tricoya Extreme counter from BAU as well as the wall section we had made for Passivhaus, to showcase the Smartply Propassiv product. In total there were seven products on display and this helped to increase the amount of interest in the product ranges.

MEDITE SMARTPLY at Bouwbeurs at Utrecht by Holdsworth Designs Ltd (HDL)We used the edge-lit windows feature in the corners sections and in total we used eight small lightboxes on the stand. (There were four on the inside and four on the outside of the corners.) As well as creating light, the external lightboxes also broke up the layered design to add interest.

Finally, two large ‘Medite trees’ were used on the stand as a store and identifier for the stand.

At the same show, MEDITE worked with a Dutch distributor showing how their product “Tricoya” can be used for specific architectural applications.




The show

Bouwbeurs is a European building products exhibition. For more information please click here https://www.bouwbeurs.nl/

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