Jewson’s event at NEC

MEDITE SMARTPLY at Jewson’s event at NEC by Holdsworth Designs Ltd (HDL)

Design Brief

Medite Smartply had recently released new advertising campaigns for their Smartply OSB and MDF boards and this was one of their first uses of the new identity at an exhibition. As such, they wanted to give the new identity maximum exposure, as well as show a wide variety of product.


HDL had first been asked to build a stand in 2015 at the Jewson’s exhibition using an existing style used at past exhibitions. We built two stands in 2015 using this style, one at the previously mentioned Jewson’s event and one in Cologne.


MEDITE SMARTPLY at Jewson’s event at NEC by Holdsworth Designs Ltd (HDL)We had a 3m x3m square stand space to work with, open on all sides.

Using a layered design, we were able to showcase five of Medite Smartply’s most popular products.

Using CNC to cut the product logos into their materials, we were able to show-off the new density of the Medite Smartply boards. Furthermore, cutting windows into the walls allowed the stand to be seen from all sides. We used edge-lit acrylic to light the windows, as well as lightboxes to create internal lighting, thereby catching the eye of passers-by.

The show

The stand was well-received at the show and with it being close to one of the seminar areas, there was always plenty of interest.

The client was thrilled with the design of the stand and immediately wanted this implemented into the future stands we were installing over the next few months.

This was Medite Smartply’s first exhibition using their new campaigns and the new design, which is now to be carried through onto future projects.

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