Branding to Best Effect

When I walk round exhibition halls I am always amazed to see stands with a logo that gives no indication of what the company does or a strapline to describe their business. How will your potential customers know what you do and what you specialise in?

Let’s look at your brand from the point of view of an exhibition designer.

Your Logo (this is the graphic symbol that represents your company or organisation) needs to have a strong brand identity or, if your logo does not say or show what your company does, you could have a strapline or picture that tells the story.

Harlequin’s strapline is “The world dances on Harlequin floors”

When designing your stand there are various options to display your logo:

As near to the front of the stand as possible. A great example of this is one of Cembrit’s stands shown below.

Illuminate your logo and place it up high so that all passers-by can see it, like stands above.

Make sure you feature your logo across your stand so that it can be seen from any direction as potential customers approach.  An example of this is KFF’s stand pictured here.

Tip: Keep copy to a minimum so that your graphics do not become cluttered.

Brand identity

This is when your logo and company branding are used across the business, from letterheads and client gifts to exhibition stands. It is essential when you have your stand designed that it follows your company branding: the logo, the colours, the key messages – this way people will recognise your company from a distance. For me this always happens when I see one of Mitie’s vans on the road.

You can always use images to increase your brand identity as it shows people exactly what you do or how you help your customers. A great example of this is one of our recent stands for PWM, they specialise in machines that weld copper by pressing the wire together, hence ‘Cold pressure welding’ and they displayed a picture of the process itself, see below:

Your Brand

This goes much further than the physical branding of the company.  Your brand is what your customers say about you, how you are perceived as a company, the message all your employees give off about your company. This is an extremely important point to think about when you brief your staff before an exhibition – they are, after all, the face of your brand. They need to be knowledgeable about your company and approachable to passers-by at the show.

Does your logo say what you do?  I would like to hear your thoughts.

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