Designing Success

Seeing your company at an exhibition should make you feel proud of your brand and business but when your stand designer has done a really great job you will also feel excited to be working there.

So often when you walk around exhibitions and trade shows the stands and booths don’t inspire or catch the attention of passers-by.  And, if we’re honest, the people working on them are either a bit bored or over compensating by trying too hard.  Neither quality is attractive to prospects.

As with everything at exhibitions it is the planning that is key.  Don’t forget that Holdsworth Designs can be involved before you even book your space at the show by advising you on the best pitch available.

When you’ve picked a company to design and build your stand you need to brief them on how it should contribute to your company’s overall marketing goals.  There is nothing worse than being faced with a blank piece of paper and trying to remember everything that needs to be included.  Here are some suggestions that can help you to prepare for those initial conversations with your stand designers and we’ve also prepared a fifteen point checklist that you can download.

  • You will need to give an outline of why you are exhibiting and what you want to achieve from the show.  These aims will impact on the design – if you are launching a new product you will probably want a demonstration area but if you want to build rapport with potential clients then you may prefer an area with the facilities to make refreshments and sit down to chat.

  • Give the designer an overview of your company and any available documentation such as brochures.  Not only will this help with discussions but it shows the designer your specific house colours and branding which will inform their designs.  Don’t forget to include practical information about your stand like the size, location and orientation – especially the number of open sides – and what utilities you will need to have available.  It is useful to give the designer contact information about the show’s organiser as they may have worked together before.

  • Think about when you’ve been a visitor at a show, which were the stands that you remember and why?  Try to give the designer examples of three or four stands that you really liked and also a few that you didn’t like – were they badly designed or do you have pet hates that you definitely don’t want on your stand.

  • Consider the number of staff who will be on the stand at any one time and what they are going to be doing.  Will they need storage space for products or will they be handing out literature?

  • Finally, give the designer your budget and then, crucially, have regular meetings or calls to ensure that everything is on track before the show. Holdsworth Designs also have a debrief meeting afterwards the show to make sure the client is happy at that all their expectations and goals were met.

To download our 15 point checklist CLICK HERE.

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