Exhibitions – Essential Follow ups

It is absolutely essential that after your exhibition show you follow up with your visitors within 48 hours. There is no point going through the process of exhibiting at a show if you let the leads go cold.

So here are some essential exhibition follow-ups you will want to action.

De-Brief the team

Sit down with the staff from the show (and any key managers) to discuss what went well and if there are any aspects they would change ahead of next year’s show.

The stand – Did it represent your company? Were the products easy for visitors to see and could they talk to you on the stand if they needed too? Did you get any feedback from visitors or staff  about the stand? Did it meet the team’s expectations and what would they change next year?

Measure results

Make sure you evaluate your results – did they match your desired goals? Look at what meetings were booked on the day, hot leads, and potential customers gained.

The stand – Was it welcoming for visitors? Was there enough seating and refreshments if needed?

Exhibition leads

The weeks after the show are key for all the follow-up calls. They are also the time to inform all those that didn’t find the time to visit you about what they missed and that you would personally like to tell them/show them. It’s certainly the time for some intense personal marketing. Don’t forget that different types of leads may require a phone call or meeting, other could be followed up by email. Put them all onto your system and get the relevant teams to decide.

If you want to implement an email strategy there are fantastic resources that will help you through this process, here is one in particular that I liked:

Facetime’s email marketing guide for exhibitors

I love the timeline on page 3 of this guide; it not only runs through when you should send out emails after the show, but at those critical times before too.

The stand – Make sure you add in pictures of the staff and the stand in your correspondence as a gentle reminder to your visitors if they looked at lots of stands that day.

Press Releases

Follow up with the “press” that visited your stand, give them information about how well the show went for you, along with photos. In addition, if you were happy with your exhibition designer and builder you could mention these in the press release.

The stand – Take a photo of you and key staff or visitors to include in the press release.

Have a de-brief with your exhibition designers and builders

It is really important to run through what worked on the stand, the feedback you got from the staff and visitors, plus of course, if anything needed improving for the following year. At HDL we always ensure a de-brief meeting is carried out with our clients shortly after the show.

Book for the following year

After you have evaluated the show, make sure you book your space for the following year and notify your exhibition designers and builders that you intend on doing the show again.

Kikkoman below, booked two further shows this year on the success of their stand and marketing efforts at the BBC Good Food Shows.

I hope that after you have read this article, you will see how important it is that the team and the stand have a massive impact on your audience. It is imperative that these work seamlessly together to create a long-lasting impression on your visitors.

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