Finishing Touches for your Stand

Finishing touches on an exhibition stand – how important are they for you? To me, it shows the high standard that is projected across the whole company. So, if your stand is not finished, would you want your customers to think this is how you would work with them – not quite finishing the job?!

Well, on my rounds of some of the exhibitions this year I noticed a few unfinished stands that I want to bring your attention too, and recommend how to fix them.

1.      Storage – Having all your bags or spare products in boxes can make the stand look untidy; a simple solution is to get storage cupboards added into your stand design so that you have a presentable stand.

Another point to make about storage is to install cupboard doors. This may seem obvious, but I still see sheets of material used instead of doors and this looks so untidy.  Adding a door ensures it blends in with your stand and gives the stand a clean look.

2.      Wires/cabling – You may have a lot of wires on your stand, however they can look messy to the public eye. Where possible, ensure they are hidden.

3.      The edge to your stand –Although you can have tape around the edge of your stand to distinguish the edge, it may look better to have a raised stand. You could have it lit around the edge to make it stand out even more. If you prefer not to have a raised stand, a better solution to tape is a carpet edging strip, or cut carpet which is cut into the exhibition hall carpet.

4.      The back of your stand – Always look beyond the bits you can see. What does the back look like if people are approaching your stand from a different direction?

Generally the rules of an exhibition state that any walls exceeding 2.5 m should be finished on the rear. You may also want to check what other stands near you are doing around your stand –  you could bring your stand to the same height to finish-off the look.

5.      AV – Rather than having a free-standing TV on your stand which can make your stand look cluttered, have it integrated, or hide the cabling in the counter. Make sure people can easily see the screen as they are passing. You could surround it with  images and ensure your logo appears regularly to really bring home what you are exhibiting.

6.      Cluttered stands – Showcase your products so people can come onto your stand and look at them. Having a cluttered stand with products on the floor may drive away your potential customers as they can’t get onto the stand to talk to you. Also, if you have too many products it may be overwhelming for your customer and they may be confused by too much choice. Avoid overwhelming visitors with too much information.

7.      Graphics – You will want your graphics to catch people’s eye as they walk past. Make sure they are fixed properly to the stand – get your stand builders to attach when they are building the stand. If you have your graphics lit they will stand out more.

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