Harlequin Floors

Plasa at London Olympia 2016

Design Brief

Over the past couple of years, we have created an exhibiting style in conjunction with Harlequin’s marketing team, which has been used successfully across Europe.

This year we were tasked with creating a stand which highlighted two very different aspects of Harlequin’s business. The first aspect was Harlequin’s specialist experience in designing and installing bespoke dance floors across the world. The second aspect was their developing range of vinyl dance floor surfaces.


We have worked with Harlequin’s marketing team over many years, constantly developing and honing the style of their stands at exhibitions.


Harlequin Floors - Plasa at London Olympia by Holdsworth Designs Ltd (HDL)Our new design for ‘Plasa’ used a series of ‘furniture’ pieces.

Each piece performed a specific role in identifying and displaying Harlequin’s products and services.

Alongside were display walls, giving practical information on their various floor finishes, as well as colour walls showing the versatility of the flooring colour ranges.

We kept the stand very open and inviting at the same time.

The show

This year ‘Plasa’ moved from Excel to Olympia. Harlequin were able to secure a prime stand space at the entrance, so impact was crucial.

Their position and the visual impact created by the stand resulted in a considerable increase in sales leads in 2016 and Harlequin have re-booked the space for next year.

We’re looking forward to developing the design for other future shows, including ‘Plasa’ in 2017.

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