Passivhaus at Business Design Centre Islington

Design Brief

MEDITE SMARTPLY had recently revamped their identity and released new advertising campaigns; the Passivhaus event was their second use of their new identity at an exhibition.


HDL had first been asked to build a stand in 2015, when we used their existing style. Passivhaus was the first outing for the new advertising campaign for Smartply Propassiv.


This stand was 3x3 metres square and open on only one side. For this event, we designed and manufactured a scale model of a passive house wall. This was the centre piece of the stand, which showcased both Smartply Propassiv and Medite Vent.

We also designed an etched acrylic panel that displayed a cross-section of a ‘Passiv wall construction, with labels that helped explain the build system.

Along with a story board graphic outlining the Medite Passive House offer, we installed a Smartply FR floor, using our ‘Duo’ system magnetic panel support frame for the graphics. We also installed illuminated images and an AV monitor and did all of this in just four hours!

The show

Passivhaus is a European travelling exhibition. MEDITE SMARTPLY will be in Vienna for the next Passivhaus conference later in 2017, where we will be using the same design elements in a different format.

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