National Fruit Show

“We asked Holdsworth Designs to build the central fruit display for the National Fruit Show. One of the biggest challenges was getting the stand built in time for the show and as soon as we spoke with Holdsworth Designs we were confident this would be achieved. We also required a stand that went together quickly and this was overcome by Holdsworth Designs building a structure made of wood that slotted together very easily.

It looked fantastic on the day and held the enormous amounts of fruit we had to display at the show.”

Maria Clarke

Event Manager, National Fruit Show

Brief from the client

“To produce a design for the display of show produce (Apples and Pears) – At the Heart of The National Fruit Show”



To take something that has worked for many years, but that has become less than fit for purpose, and improve it.

Design brief

Replicate the visual part of the display

  • Improve stability
  • Improve installation time/process
  • Improve and make easier, the application of Producer identification.
  • Improve ‘Brand awareness’.


We wanted to design a stand that was assembled without the use of any fixings; we came up with the idea of slotted components. These were repeated and locked together for strength. We designed a system of magnetised header panels (these identify the products and producers). These slot into the top of the display, effectively locking it together.

The Show

The installation of the fruit display we designed for the show went in  quicker than anyone expected, due to the simple design. Dismantling it was also a much simpler and quicker procedure. We were packed up and palletised within three hours, ready for transport to storage for 2015!

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