Architects @ Work 2017 at London Olympia


Design Brief

Over the past year, the conference ‘Architects @ work’ has been travelling through Europe.

For the event in London, Tarkett asked us to replicate the design they had used in other European cities.


The design required a constant coloured wall with various items displayed.

We opted to print the rear wall and apply it to a stretch frame.

Items of furniture were sourced from a local charity furniture outlet and sprayed silver; we printed a supplied image on fabric to fit into the silver frame.

On the right wall and floor we applied pre-cut flooring, supplied by Tarkett, and installed the pre-laid flooring material panels. With the aid of LED detail lighting and feature lighting, we achieved our clients objectives.


The Architects show is a unique concept whereby it gives every exhibitor the same 2.5mx2.5m space, with the criteria that the products must be innovative and showcase the company in interesting ways.

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